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Itservices File and Document Password Recovery

Itservices can recover passwords from files of most formats. We can also recover damaged files of most formats. Visit our Contact Page fill out compltely and attach your password-protected or corrupted file for a FREE No-Obligation Evaluation by our engineers.

If we can recover the file password, we will send you a quote and you can decide if you want to go ahead with the recovery

Password and File Recovery Services

At Itservices, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that comes with losing access to password-protected files or damaged files. That's why we offer password and file recovery services to help you regain access to your important data.

Password Recovery Services

We specialize in recovering passwords from files of most formats, including but not limited to, Word, Excel, PDF, ZIP, and RAR files. Whether you've forgotten the password or the file is encrypted, our experienced engineers can recover it for you.

File Recovery Services

We also offer file recovery services for damaged files of most formats. If you're experiencing issues opening a file, whether it's due to corruption, accidental deletion, or a system crash, our experts can help.

Request a FREE No-Obligation Evaluation

If you're in need of password or file recovery services, visit our Contact Page and fill out the form completely. Attach your password-protected or corrupted file, and our engineers will provide you with a FREE no-obligation evaluation.

Get a Quote and Decide

If we're able to recover the file password or repair the damaged file, we'll send you a quote. You can then decide whether you want to go ahead with the recovery process. We'll explain the benefits of our services and why you should choose Itservices for all your password and file recovery needs.

Don't let lost passwords or damaged files cause you stress. Contact Itservices today for fast, reliable, and affordable password and file recovery services.

Large Files:

if your file is too large or non standard After you submit a request, we will send you information on how to upload your file via secure servers.

Itservices can recover passwords:

● all Microsoft Office documents
● files in OpenOffice,
● Apple iWork
●Hangul Office formats
●and many more,,,,,,

Itservices can recover and:

●Unlock PDF restrictions (editing, printing and copying)
●Break 40-bit encryption in under a minute with Thunder Tables
●Recover original plain-text passwords with configurable attacks
●Decrypt PDF documents encrypted with 40-bit, 128-bit RC4 and 256-bit AES encryption


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